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If you are one of those when hears the word “ IRAN “ rememberers “chaos “ , then should know:
“ You’re absolutely wrong “.
It will change your mind when you know about the story of women and men who even have changed the world.
There was the time when everybody was looking for a chance to survive, but flourishing IRAN plateau embraced the people who made the first residents and as the result the first origin of man kind civilization appeared.
The land which had spectacular natures, attracted people from the whole over the world and serve them hospitablly.
The ancient land with wonderful varriety of different ethnics, cultures and languages full of emotions and beauty.
The habitat from dense woods to hot deserts, from water fountains in rough mountains to water ponds in the depth of cold humid caves. The bridge between east and west , the way from CASPIAN SEA in the North to the extensive “ PERSIAN GULF “ in the south spreaded and invited people from every corner of the world to exchange, maybe that was the reason of attacking another countries to IRAN in order to derive a huge benefit out of it.
Many of these mortal attackers like Alexander , Mongols Arabs and Ottomans fell in love with this land and overwhelmed in its beauties , rich culture and started to innovate in the arts of their age. As the precious well known Iranian poet mentions:
Come , let’s scatter flowers and cast wine into goblets
Let’s rip ceiling of the heavens and a throw in a new draft
This is just a part of Iranian people’s lives which change the natural threats into opportunities to live on.
We take you along and during this dreamy travel through history. Always our warm Iranian welcoming is waiting for you.
Iran is an ancient land with an amazing variety of tribes, cultures and languages rich in feeling and beauty. A habitat of tangled forests to burning deserts. From water springs in the middle of rough mountains to water ponds in the depths of cold and humid caves.
We will keep you in step with this dream journey in history. Wonderful hearts and warm hands are waiting for you


I was born and raised in Mashhad and Neyshabour, Khorasan , Iran, in 1979. As an Int. English Tourist Guide, I have been working under the supervision of tourism department officially for the last five years years. I have taken tours to Europe and southeast Asia. I have proudly introduced the entire Iran to tourists from the whole over the world. Cultural and historical sites and places in Iran and the world are my favorites. Thank I speak English and Azerbaijani as well as my own mother tongue, Persian. I have a master degree in management, E.M.B.A.

Travel to Iran – A breathtaking journey through a spellbinding land


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